People’s History Workshops

December 27, 2017
In 2017, we hired our first full-time organizer to offer people’s history workshops for teachers (with a focus on the Reconstruction era) and to write lessons and articles. This fall we offered workshops in five cities to help teachers better use our people's history resources and to knit together face-to-face network of social justice teachers. Now we need your support to continue this work.
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Bring People’s History to Schools in 2018

December 22, 2017
For almost 10 years, the Zinn Education Project (ZEP) has offered teachers the resources — and encouragement — to “teach outside the textbook.” In these times, our work to equip young people with critical thinking skills has never been more important.
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Koch Brothers Exploit Pat Tillman’s Legacy

November 9, 2017
For Veterans Day in 2017, the Koch Brothers funded Bill of Rights Institute released a lesson for schools called, "Pat Tillman and Self Sacrifice: A Different Direction." The lesson exploits the memory of NFL player Tillman, much as the U.S. government did soon after he was killed in Afghanistan on April 22, 2004.
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Teaching in the Time of Trump: Year One

November 8, 2017
What do we want the world to look like when today's high school students graduate? What do students need to learn to become engaged citizens changing their communities and the world for the better? This past year has revealed starkly different possible futures.
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People’s History Events Coming to Bay Area

October 30, 2017
We want to alert you to two people's history events coming in November. The Zinn Education Project will have a booth at the National Council for the Social Studies Conference (NCSS) at the Moscone Center, Nov. 17-18. Immediately following the NCSS Conference will be the Howard Zinn Book Fair, Nov. 19 at City College.
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Teaching the Headlines: Climate Crisis and Nuclear War

September 29, 2017
The climate crisis will not announce itself with one giant catastrophic event. No. It will build, as it has this past month, with hurricanes, destroyed homes, flooding, polluted water and air, power outages, wildfires, droughts, and extreme heat. Nor will the effects of the climate crisis be distributed equally throughout the world.
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Nothing Murky About Columbus’s Legacy

September 3, 2017
Bill Bigelow, Rethinking Schools curriculum editor and Zinn Education Project co-director, wrote a letter to the editor of The New York Times in response to their August 26, 2017, article about statues and Columbus. The following letter was published on September 3, 2017.
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False Equivalency of Blaming “Both Sides”

August 17, 2017
In light of President Trump's comments about “both sides” being to blame for the violence during the white supremacist, Nazi rally in Charlottesville, VA, this past weekend, Kevin M. Kruse, Princeton history professor and author of White Flight: Atlanta and the Making of Modern Conservatism, shared examples in his Twitter feed about the use of false equivalencies in history.
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