People’s History of Memorial Day

May 26, 2014
On this Memorial Day, we feature two articles: one about the early origins of the holiday, led by African Americans in Charleston, South Carolina after the Civil War, and the second by Howard Zinn urging us to never embark on mass slaughter again.
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‘The exhilaration of standing with other people’ — Remembering Howard Zinn

January 26, 2014
Howard Zinn passed away four years ago on January 27, 2010. We miss him--we miss his wisdom, his humor, his kindness, his capacity to place just about any current event in its historical context. The phrase "speak truth to power" perfectly describes the life's work of Howard Zinn. The Zinn Education Project continues to draw inspiration from the words and deeds Zinn left behind.
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Teaching People’s History Highlights of 2013

January 16, 2014
The year 2013 ended with more than 34,000 teachers registered, more than 63,000 Facebook fans, reaching millions of students each year, and creating the public space that supports people's history being taught in classrooms. Here we feature just a few of the accomplishments of 2013, which would not have been possible without the support of individual donors at all levels of giving.
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The Next Five Years Depend on You

December 28, 2013
When young people learn a more accurate history---including how people have worked together for greater dignity and justice---they are more likely to see themselves as changemakers. As our favorite teacher, Howard Zinn, said, "I had a modest goal when I became a teacher. I wanted to change the world." Please join us spreading a people's history to classrooms everywhere. Help us change the world.
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Donation in Honor of Ann Dawson, a Rosie the Riveter

December 11, 2013
Pittsburgh middle school teacher Kipp Dawson donated to our campaign to raise $1,000 to post a set of role plays from the book Power In Our Hands on the history of organized labor in the U.S. Kipp wrote: "I am contributing in memory of my mother, Ann Dawson, and her sisters among the Rosie the Riveters and Steel Workers Organizing Committee whose real history also could be lost were it not for Zinn Education Project and the teachers and students and historians it brings together and empowers."
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Nelson Mandela, Madiba

December 5, 2013
We mourn the death of Nelson Mandela, who died today at age 95. Mandela's sacrifice, courage, and vision inspired people throughout the world, and thousands, if not millions, of young people came to their political awareness through anti-apartheid solidarity actions.
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From Amy Carter to Howard Zinn: Tom Lesser Supports People’s History

December 3, 2013
Tom Lesser responded to the call for donations to support the Zinn Education Project on our fifth anniversary with a generous donation of stock. He is our first contributor of stock---suggesting a new opportunity for others to contribute. Lesser has a long history of supporting good causes, not only through donations, but also as a lawyer in both civil and criminal litigation.
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