Teaching Materials

Ida in the Middle

Book — Fiction. By Nora Lester Murad. Illustrated by Kate Cosgrove. 2022. 223 pages.
A coming of age story that explores identity, place, voice, and belonging through a Palestinian-American girl named Ida.
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Film. Directed by Erin Axelman and Sam Eilertsen. Tikkun Olam Productions. 2023. 84 minutes.
Examines young Jews who are fundamentally changing not just their attitudes about Israel, Palestine, and Palestinians, but about their own role in the world, and coming to see themselves as solidarity activists.
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Into the Weeds

Film. Directed by Jennifer Baichwal. 2022. 96 minutes.
Focusing on one man’s lawsuit against Monsanto, this documentary exposes how Roundup weed killers are toxic not just for weeds — but also people.
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Protester with colorful shirt holding up a microphone, with the words "Cured: The Remedy was Rebellion" overlayed.


Film. Directed by Patrick Sammon and Bennett Singer. 2020. 82 minutes (or 37 minute classroom version).
This documentary focuses on the successful campaign to remove the diagnosis of homosexuality from the APA manual of mental illnesses, an important yet mainly overlooked part of the struggle for LGBTQ rights.
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Ten Myths About Israel

Book. By Ilan Pappe. An Israeli historian examines the most contested ideas concerning the origins and identity of the contemporary state of Israel.
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Film. Written and directed by Justine Shapiro, B. Z. Goldberg, and Carlos Bolado. 2001. 106 minutes.
This documentary explores the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from the eyes and experiences of Israeli and Palestinian children living in the West Bank.
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