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Bus Strike (photo) | Zinn Education Project

April 5, 1979: Boston University Strike

Boston University refused to approve negotiated contract, so the faculty union called a strike, with Howard Zinn as co-chair of strike committee. Other staff and librarians also went on strike that spring.
Themes: Labor
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April 1, 1965: Blackwell v. Issaquena Board of Education

The civil rights suit of Blackwell v. Issaquena Board of Education was filed on behalf of 300 African-American students from several schools across Issaquena County in Mississippi who had been suspended for wearing and distributing “freedom” buttons.
Themes: African American, Civil Rights Movements, Education
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Scottsboro Nine

March 25, 1931: Scottsboro Nine

Nine young African Americans, were falsely charged with rape and collectively served more than 100 years in prison.
Themes: African American, Democracy & Citizenship, Laws & Citizen Rights
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