New Lessons

Deportations on Trial: Mexican Americans During the Great Depression

By Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

In this role play students analyze who is to blame for the illegal, mass deportations of Mexican Americans and immigrants during the Great Depression.

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Reconstruction Mixer Collage (Updated) | Zinn Education Project

When the Impossible Suddenly Became Possible: A Reconstruction Mixer

By Adam Sanchez and Nqobile Mthethwa

A mixer role play that explores the connections between different social movements during Reconstruction.

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What We Don’t Learn About the Black Panther Party — but Should

 By Adam Sanchez and Jesse Hagopian

A mixer role play that introduces students to the inspiring and largely untold history of the Black Panthers.

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Teaching SNCC: The Organization at the Heart of the Civil Rights Revolution

By Adam Sanchez

A series of role plays that explore the history and evolution of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

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COINTELPRO: Teaching the FBI’s War on the Black Freedom Movement

By Ursula Wolfe-Rocca
Through examining FBI documents, students learn the scope of the FBI’s COINTELPRO campaign to spy on, infiltrate, discredit, and disrupt all corners of the Black Freedom Movement.
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People’s Climate March, 2014, by Joe Brusky | Zinn Education Project

Teaching Blockadia: How the Movement Against Fossil Fuels Is Changing the World

By Bill Bigelow, Adam Sanchez, and Tim Swinehart
A role-play activity engages students in building solidarity among different groups and organizations fighting fossil fuels and searching for alternatives.
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Michele Roberts, environmental justice coordinator | Zinn Education Project

The Big Red Dot of Environmental Racism

By Alma Anderson McDonald

A teacher looks back on her childhood to discover the meaning of environmental racism. Linda Christensen offers ways to teach about this story with students.
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Yup'ik children preparing salmon | Zinn Education Project

Climate Change and School in a Yup’ik Fishing Village

By Jill Howdyshell
This article describes how climate change is hitting Indigenous communities in Alaska much harder than other places in the world. And yet, administrators still insist that school discussions should focus on student test scores.
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Aerial photo of removal mining | Zinn Education Project

From Mountaintop Removal to Divestment

The Story of Swarthmore Students’ Fight Against Fossil Fuels
By Hannah Jones
The global movement to get institutions to divest from fossil fuels began with students. This article tells the inspiring story.
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Scacrifice Zones - Woodcut by Eric Ruin | Zinn Educaiton Project

Teaching Sacrifice Zones

By Rosemarie Frascella
Our extractive fossil fuel-based economy has always demanded that some people’s homes and health be sacrificed for the benefit of more privileged and powerful others. This article explores how one teacher engages her students in thinking about how “sacrifice zones” play out in their lives.
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