History Steps Out of the Photograph: John Carlos Speaks to Students

October 11, 2011
More than 100 students and teachers at Capital City Public Charter School had the opportunity to hear from 1968 Olympic icon and political activist John Carlos and sportswriter Dave Zirin on Oct. 3, 2011. As part of the national book tour to launch The John Carlos Story, Carlos and Zirin spoke to the students about that moment in history, the limited explanations given in textbooks, and its continued significance.
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Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years (Teaching Guide) | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's History

Rethinking Columbus

October 9, 2011
One of the most popular teaching activities on the Zinn Education Project website is The People vs. Columbus, et al. which challenges student to critically examine the motivations for and impact of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in Hispaniola.
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10% More: 10 New Teaching Activities Now Available

August 8, 2011
We have just posted 10 new teaching resources at our website! These include a dramatic role play about the little-known Japanese Latin American internment during World War II; an article on working with Lewis Hine's photos of child labor; activities on the first-ever Indigenous People's Summit on Climate Change; and a role play that puts students in the position of being members of the American Anti-Slavery Society, who must choose the most effective ways to fight slavery.
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Coalition Urges Scholastic to Stop Using Fossil-Fuel & U.S. Chamber Sponsored Materials in Classrooms

August 2, 2011
Dear Mr. Robinson, On behalf of our millions of members and activists we are writing to urge Scholastic to stop distributing fossil fuel and other industry propaganda labeled as educational materials in schools. We appreciate your acknowledgment that partnering with the American Coal Foundation (ACF) was a mistake and that you have agreed to stop distributing the 4th-grade curriculum “The United States of Energy,” but we remain concerned that teaching materials sponsored by for-profit corporations and industry—including with the US Chamber of Commerce—endanger children’s education. Scholastic’s sponsored materials teach a captive audience of students only what industry has paid Scholastic to teach. Your InSchool Marketing program’s aim “to promote client objectives” is not education; it is predatory marketing.
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