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People Historians Online (vertical) | Zinn Education ProjectOur profound appreciation to everyone who has donated to support the People’s Historians Online mini-classes for hundreds of teachers and students in search of meaningful, remote learning opportunities.

Here are the people who have donated to date. Learn more and add your name to the list.

Thanks for producing this wonderful on-going project. Through it, Howard lives! And so many more of us can keep growing!  — Liz Aaronsohn, New Britain, Connecticut

Cathleen Akers, Denison, Texas

I am grateful for the series on the Black Freedom Struggle; I am learning a lot from the scholars, educators, and activists who are sharing their knowledge and expertise. — anonymous, Seattle, Washington

I was able to attend a People’s Historians Online session and it was really fantastic. I would like to support this experience in the future. — anonymous, Madison, Wisconsin

In honor of my parents, Helen and Milt Barnett, who devoted their lives to helping others learn. — Peter Barnett, Tahoe City, California

Gene Bruskin, Silver Spring, Maryland

In loving memory of our Harvest Collegiate colleague Joshua Vasquez, and in solidarity with his colleagues Adam Sanchez and Faye Colon. — Kate Burch, New York, New York

Love and blessings to all. The Zinn Education Project helps level the playing field. Teachers are on the front lines to either tell the truth or bend the truth. — Ray Cage, Tucson, Arizona

The challenge to meet history is more real than ever, and I can’t think of a better method than the one deployed by the Zinn Education Project. You and the teachers are moving ahead fearlessly. It matters tremendously! — Robert Dannin, New York, New York

Maria DeFelice, Framingham, Massachusetts

For Howard Zinn, who taught us that the future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory. — Christine Fogler, Avon by the Sea, New Jersey

I am donating because the social justice work of the Zinn Education Project is so vital all the time but especially now in these challenging times. — Steven Friedman, San Rafael, California

Sarah Garton, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Grateful to you for doing this work, and looking forward to sharing what I learn on Fridays with my students! —  Gabrielle Halko, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Hal Morra, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Zinn Education Project fills in some of the huge gaps in content and understanding that are left out of much of the U.S. history students learn in our schools. Learning a more honest and inclusive history where they can see themselves makes students excited about learning and and, as a result, they become more critical learners and thinkers. — Sonia Nieto, Amherst, Massachusetts

Howard Zinn was my teacher at Boston University starting his first year there. He opened my eyes. — Elaine Nordstrom, Stoneham, Massachusetts

To support the programming to improve awareness of African-American history.  — Mark O’Leavey, Portland, Oregon

To the scholars and activists who continue to share their work and improve the future for all learners. Thank you Zinn Education Project, and collaborators, for making it possible! — Brianne Pitts, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Erika Sponsler, Parma, Michigan

For all the freedom fighters who understand that we ain’t free until we all are free! — Maestre Terada, Los Angeles, California

As one who travels performing Zinn’s Marx in Soho for students across the country, I have seen first hand the power of Howard’s work first hand. Thank you to all of you. Through your efforts eyes are opened, students inspired, and critical thinking skills enhanced by the wonderful programs offered by the Zinn Education Project. I’m glad and honored to support your work. — Bob Weick, West Chester, Pennsylvania

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