Dr. Greg Carr’s Two Minute History Lessons

Professor Greg Carr.

How much history can you learn in two minutes? Find out (and be amazed) by watching these short video clips by Dr. Greg Carr. A professor at Howard University, Carr is also an advisor to the Zinn Education Project Teach Reconstruction campaign.

Throughout the pandemic, Carr is recording and tweeting two-minute videos with bios of noted figures and book recommendations. To date the recordings feature Dr. Martin Luther King, Septima Clark, Paul Robeson, Gwendolyn Brooks, Hubert Harrison, Coretta Scott King, and August Wilson. We’ve followed each tweet with related resources at the Zinn Education Project website.

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Dr. Martin Luther King

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Gwendolyn Brooks

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Paul Robeson

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Septima Clark

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Hubert Harrison, Coretta Scott King, and August Wilson

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