Howard Zinn Protesting Vietnam War | Zinn Education Project

Howard Zinn on Supreme Court vs. the Power of the People

As you know, the Senate just confirmed a new Supreme Court Justice, hand-picked by the far-right Federalist Society. For hope and solace, activists have turned once again to the words of Howard Zinn — to remind us that in the end, it is the power of the people that leads to real change.
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Whose History Matters | Zinn Education Project

Whose History Matters?

In 30 years of teaching, almost all my high school history students could name the fellow some say "discovered" America: Christopher Columbus. But none could name the people he supposedly discovered: the Taínos.
Post by Bill Bigelow
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We're Hiring Featured Image | Zinn Education Project

We’re Hiring a Communications Coordinator

On this 10th anniversary of the Zinn Education Project, we seek to hire a communications coordinator. The communications role is varied, including press, social media, conferences, materials production, website management, and internal communications.
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Students at Deal Middle School | Zinn Education Project

Bring People’s History Lessons to 100,000 Teachers

The world would be a better place if many more students engaged in debates of justice and retribution, radicalism and realism, equity and equality. Please help us reach our goal of signing up 100,000 teachers to bring people's history to the classroom in this new school year.
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Introduce Organizer Ursula | Zinn Education Project

New School Year, New ZEP Organizer!

Thanks to the generous support of a longtime Zinn Education Project (ZEP) supporter and those of you who donated to our campaign, we have hired a new teacher organizer for the 2018-2019 school year! We are excited to announce that Ursula Wolfe-Rocca, a ZEP teacher leader, will take on this position.
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DC Protest | Zinn Education Project

This Fall, Redouble Our Efforts to Teach Against Racism

From the streets to the classroom, the resurgence of far-right racism unleashed by Trump's election must be confronted. To help teachers in this endeavor, the Zinn Education Project will continue to post new lessons throughout the year on the impact of racism and popular movements to combat it.
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TDIH Page Feature | Zinn Education Project

Help Expand the Reach of Our Popular This Day in History Series

On this 10th anniversary year of the Zinn Education Project, our website is getting a complete overhaul to make it easier for educators to find the lessons and resources they need to ensure students have a more accurate, complex, and engaging understanding of U.S. history than is found in traditional textbooks and curricula.
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Milestone Banner (News) | Zinn Education Project

Milestone Films Donates to the Zinn Education Project

We are honored that Milestone Films is donating $1 to the Zinn Education Project for each DVD and Blu-ray they sell. Milestone Films founders Amy Heller and Dennis Doros made this commitment, “because to change history, you first need to know it!” They realize that the Zinn Education Project needs donations so that we can continue to provide free resources for teaching people’s history, outside the textbook.
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New Resources to Teach for Environmental Justice

At the heart of our environmental crisis is the idea that nature is a thing to be used for profit. That’s the bad news. The good news is that social movements across the world are challenging this profit-first orientation, and proposing alternatives. And educators are a part of these movements.
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Teacher Strike WV (News) | Zinn Education Project

Teaching Labor History in Era of Teacher Uprisings

We are inspired by educators from West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, and beyond, who are standing up for the schools teachers and students deserve. These historic struggles are part of a wave of teacher rebellions sweeping the country — especially in "red states," where years of tax cuts have decimated public school funding.
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