National Report on the Teaching of Reconstruction

Teach Reconstruction Banner | Zinn Education ProjectThe Zinn Education Project is producing a national report on the teaching of the Reconstruction era, including a state-by-state assessment.

The report will examine state standards, course requirements, frameworks, and support for teachers in each state. It will also include stories about creative efforts by districts and/or individual teachers in each state to teach outside the textbook about Reconstruction.

This report is being produced as part of our Teach Reconstruction campaign and will be released by the summer of 2021. Ana Rosado, a doctoral student at Northwestern University, is the lead researcher and writer.

We have completed the review and analysis of how Reconstruction is represented in the standards from every state and territory. We recognize standards do not capture everything going on in a district or in a classroom, so we are also collecting stories from district leaders and classroom teachers. If you are an educator at the state, district, or classroom level, please respond to one of these surveys.

State or District Leader Survey         Teacher or Other School Staff Survey

We estimate that the survey should take about 10 minutes to complete and respondents receive a subscription to Rethinking Schools magazine.

Related to the report is an open letter from scholars of U.S. history about the need for school districts to devote more time and resources to the Reconstruction era, signed by more than 170 scholars to date, including Eric Foner, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Isabel Wilkerson, Ashley Farmer, Bryan Stevenson, Robin Kelley, Kidada E. Williams, Steven Hahn, Ibram X. Kendi, and Kate Masur.

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