New Lesson on Reparations

September 19, 2019
We have posted a new lesson, "How to Make Amends: A Lesson on Reparations," by high school teachers Ursula Wolfe-Rocca, Alex Stegner, Chris Buehler, Angela DiPasquale, and Tom McKenna.
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Source: Lorie Shaull; Student Gun Protest | Zinn Education Project

Teaching Resistance in Dangerous Times

August 15, 2019
The last three years have told a story of continuous resistance. Although not yet strong enough to change the status quo, these growing movements point to a different, better future. We invite you to teach — in our classrooms and in the streets — the hope-inspiring maxim that “people make history.”
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Wade Family | Zinn Education Project

New Lesson on the History of Redlining

August 12, 2019
Our new lesson about redlining and housing segregation introduces students to the 20th-century housing policies that bankrolled white capital accumulation while halting Black social mobility — and contributed to the injustice of the modern wealth gap.
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Clint Smith | Zinn Education Project

Clint Smith on Teaching About Structural Racism

June 12, 2019
Poet and educator Clint Smith wrote reflections in a tweet thread after visiting young people in a juvenile detention center. His description of what has been missing from their formal education serves to explain the purpose of many of our lessons.
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Oregon | Zinn Education Project

Job Announcement: Portland Public Schools Climate Justice Coordinator

May 15, 2019
This is one of the most important new school district positions available: a full-time Climate Justice Coordinator for Portland (Ore.) Public Schools. There will be the opportunity to have a profound impact, since the Climate Justice Coordinator would work with the Portland Public Schools Climate Justice Committee, student activists, frontline communities, and classroom teachers.
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Students Learn About Climate Justice

April 22, 2019
Read selections from our favorite classroom stories, written by teachers who have used climate justice lessons found at our website, and see how students respond to lessons about environmental injustice.
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