Teach Truth Day of Action at Bookstores and Libraries

For this 4th annual Teach Truth Day of Action, we are offering a pop-up display so event hosts can set up an information table at a public space such as a bookstore, library, or farmers’ market. The display includes banned books with information sheets, postcards, buttons, stickers, and signs.

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D.C. event host Vanessa Williams found this makes site coordination easier than in prior years. 

Vanessa Williams at Loyalty Books, one of the bookstores in D.C. that enthusiastically signed on for the Teach Truth Day of Action.

Williams explained,

I received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from every bookstore and market I reached out to. I scheduled four sites and turned down more offers. Now I am lining up volunteers for tables at two sites in the morning and two in the afternoon.

In case it is useful for event hosts in other cities, here was my approach: I scripted a message that outlines the purpose of the Teach Truth Day of Action, referring recipients to the webpage with a detailed overview of the campaign. I tailored my language to highlight mutual organizing interests, and why hosting a table in solidarity with our wider initiative also advances their mission. For the farmers’ markets, I noted that to “teach truth” means defending the right to teach about the climate crisis and food apartheid. I cited increased book bans and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation when reaching out to indie bookstores.  

While cold outreach was effective, for one of the bookstores I asked a teacher with a connection there to make the request. 

If you are in D.C. on Saturday, June 8, look for us at the following locations. 

      • Loyalty Books
      • East City Bookshop
      • Busboys and Poets
      • Ward 8 Farmers Market

On Sunday, June 9 we have a booth at the Capital Pride Festival.

Ready to host an event at a public space near you? Learn more and sign up.

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