Zinn Education Project Shout Out at Emmy Awards

We are delighted that in addition to the Peabody Award, the documentary The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks was honored by the Television Academy at the Emmys. Due to the writers’ strike, the Emmys Award ceremony was held virtually.

The ceremony included an excellent four-minute overview of documentary that speaks to the importance of the film in today’s political context. Watch below and you’ll notice that at the end, the Zinn Education Project is mentioned!

The 2022 film was directed by Johanna Hamilton and Yoruba Richen, and produced by Soledad O’Brien Productions, based on the award-winning biography by Jeanne Theoharis.

In collaboration with the American Federation of Teachers and Soledad O’Brien Production, the Zinn Education Project shared a streaming license for the film with teachers nationwide earlier this year and has posted a teaching guide for the film and young readers’ edition of the book.

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