Teach Truth Testimonials

In solidarity with the national Teach Truth Day of Action, authors, athletes, teachers and historians share why they support the campaign to #TeachTruth and the freedom to learn.


Michelle Coles, author of Black Was the Ink

Michelle Coles on Why We Should #TeachTruth

Tameka Fryer Brown, author of That Flag and many more

Tameka Fryer Brown on Why We Should #TeachTruth

Zetta Elliott, author of Milo’s Museum and many more

Zetta Elliott on Why We Should #TeachTruth

Chris Barton, author of The Amazing Life of John Roy Lynch and many more

Chris Barton on Why We Should #TeachTruth

Alice Faye Duncan, author of Evicted!: The Struggle for the Right to Vote and many more

Alice Faye Duncan on Why We Should #TeachTruth

Marita Golden, author of The Wide Circumference of Love and many more

Marita Golden on Why We Should #TeachTruth


Theses athletes shared testimonials about the importance of the #TeachTruth campaign as representatives of the Players Coalition. The Players Coalition is a supporter of the Zinn Education Project Teaching for Black Lives study groups.

Trimaine Davis on Why We Should #TeachTruth

Justin Morrow on Why We Should #TeachTruth

Amobi Okugo on Why We Should #TeachTruth


Franklin Oliver on Why We Should #TeachTruth


Clifford Conner on Why We Should #TeachTruth

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