Teach Truth Solidarity

We encourage everyone to speak out in defense of teaching truthfully and the rights of LGBTQ+ students. We need to ensure that children learn the truth about history and to think for themselves so that they can shape a more just future.

In the wake of the rebellion in the summer of 2020, an increasing number of teachers committed to teach the history of racism and resistance.

The right is trying to suppress that initiative and legislate a return to a white supremacist curriculum. This is related to the increased voter suppression legislation and how election officials are being bullied and terrorized for simply doing their job. Now, they are coming for teachers and students.

The right wing is filling the airwaves with “anti-CRT” messages and teachers are being harassed and their jobs threatened.

Your expressions about why teaching the truth matters can provide critically needed moral support to teachers and students in this time. Let legislators know that this well-funded rightwing hate campaign is outnumbered by the people in support of truth telling. 

We extend this request on the occasion of the annual national Teach Truth Day of Action. Around the country, teachers and allies gather at historic sites to speak out against anti-history education bills and to defend the rights of LGBTQ+ students. These events are a valuable counter narrative to the oversized coverage of anti-CRT protests.

Two Ways to Help

We invite you to use the power of your social media platform to protect teachers and ensure that our children learn the truth about history so that they can shape a more just future. Here are two options:

  • Submit a Video Recording: Record a 45 to 60 second statement that we can share online about why it is so important to defend the freedom to learn and the rights of LGBTQ+ students. We will share these statements on social media and our website. If there is a choice, use vertical landscape. Here are suggestions:

Personal stories are the most engaging. For example, when and where did you first learn the truth about U.S. history?

If you are an author, why do you write? What have you heard from children?

State why you think it is important for young people to be able to learn from history to address the times we are in.

What concerns you most about young people not learning this history?

Shout outs for teachers who refuse to be bullied and have pledged to #TeachTruth 

A response to one of these prompts:

When I was in school, I wish I was taught ______.

I learned ____ in school. These anti-education laws mean that children will not learn this and so much more.

I want children to learn __________. 

Be sure you introduce yourself in the opening and note that you support the campaign to Teach Truth and the freedom to learn. Do not mention the date so that the recordings don’t become dated! Send the recording to zep@zinnedproject.org in a Google folder or drop box.

Want some inspiration? Check out these clips by authors, athletes, and historians.

  • Share a Statement: Write an op-ed, letter to the editor, or social media post in support of teachers and about why teaching the truth matters can provide critically needed moral support to teachers and students at this time. Here are suggested statements. Include #TeachTruth so that we can find and amplify your message.


Share a story, question, or resource from your classroom.

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