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Climate Change Mixer

Teaching activity. By Bill Bigelow.
Role play introduces students to 17 individuals around the world—each of whom is affected differently by climate change.

Time Periods: 21st Century
Themes: Climate Justice, Environment & Food, World History/Global Studies

Through role play, the Climate Change Mixer introduces students to 17 individuals around the world—each of whom is affected differently by climate change. For some, climate change threatens to force them to leave their land. For others, it is a business opportunity. In this activity, students meet one another in character and learn about the impact of climate change in their lives—and how each is responding.

The people featured in the mixer are:

Larry Gibson, Mountaintop removal activist, Kayford Mountain, West Virginia

Roman Abramovich, Sibneft Oil Co., Russia

Wangari Maathai, Green Belt Movement, Kenya

Enele Sopoaga, Prime Minister, Tuvalu

Matthew Gilbert, Member of Gwich’in Tribe, Northern Alaska / Northwestern Canada

Chris Loken, Apple grower, Hudson Valley, New York

Stephanie Tunmore, Greenpeace climate campaigner

Rafael Hernandez, Immigrant rights activist, The Desert Angels, U.S.-Mexico border

Rinchen Wangchuk, Snow Leopard Conservancy, Ladakh, India

Moi Enomenga, Huaorani Indian, Eastern Ecuador

Anisur Rahman, Mayor of Antarpara, Bangladesh

Steve Tritch, President and CEO, Westinghouse Electric

Nancy Tanaka, Orchard Owner, Hood River Valley, Oregon

Trisha Kehaulani Watson, Environmental lawyer, Hawaii

James Hansen, Former director, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), New York, City

Robert Lovelace, Ardoch Algonquin Indian leader, Ontario, Canada

Richard H. Anderson, CEO, Delta Airlines, Atlanta

Lesson originally published by Rethinking Schools | Zinn Education ProjectThis lesson was originally published in the Rethinking Schools publication, A People’s Curriculum for the Earth: Teaching Climate Change and the Environmental Crisis

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