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Yes! We Are Latinos!

Book - Non-fiction. By Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy. Pictures by David Diaz. 2013. Book that features the rich diversity of the Latino and Latina experience in the United States.
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The Streets are Free

Picture book. By Karusa. Illustrated by Monica Doppert. 1985 (reissued 2008). 48 pages.
A group of children organize to convince the mayor that they need a playground.
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Papers: Stories by Undocumented Youth

Book – Non-fiction. Edited by José Manuel, Cesar Pineda, Anne Galisky, and Rebecca Shine. Illustrated by Julio Salgado. 2012. Undocumented youth from around the world tell their stories with simplicity and intimacy in this student-friendly collection.
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Viva La Causa

Film. Bill Brummel Productions. 2008. 39 minutes.
A documentary film and teaching guide on the grape strike and boycott led by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta in the 1960s.
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Parent Power

Film. Produced by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University. 2011. 35 minutes.
A documentary about parents in the Bronx who organized to bring high-quality education to their neighborhood.
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Made in L.A.

Film. By Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar. 2007. 70 minutes.
Emmy award-winning feature documentary follows the story of three Latina immigrants working in Los Angeles sweatshops on an odyssey to win basic labor protections from a clothing retailer.
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April 25, 1846: U.S. Mexico War Begins

Today’s border with Mexico is the product of invasion and war. Grasping some of the motives for that war and some of its immediate effects begins to provide students the kind of historical context that is crucial for thinking about the line that separates the United States and Mexico.
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Precious Knowledge

Film. Directed by Ari Luis Palos and produced by Eren Isabel McGinnis. 2011. 70 minutes.
High school seniors become community leaders in Tucson's embattled Ethnic Studies classes while state lawmakers attempt to eliminate the program.
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Side by Side/Lado a lado

Picture book. By Monica Brown and translation by Carolina Valencia. Illustrated by Joe Cepeda. 2010. 32 pages.
The life stories and activism of the two founders of the United Farm Workers (UFW), written and illustrated for young children.
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