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Feb. 27, 1973: Activists Occupy Wounded Knee

Time Periods: 1961
Themes: Democracy & Citizenship, Native American, Organizing
Wounded Knee Occupation 1973

Assistant U.S. Attorney General is escorted into Wounded Knee by Native Americans of AIM on March 13, 1973.

On Feb. 27, 1973, about 250 Sioux Indians, led by members of the American Indian Movement (AIM), converged on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation, launching the famous 71-day occupation of Wounded Knee.

Set in the same location as the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre, the occupation called global attention to unsafe living conditions and generations of mistreatment from federal and local agencies.

The occupation, which began during the evening of Feb. 27, is hailed as one of AIM’s greatest successes. Continue reading the article by Alysa Landry, Native History: AIM Occupation of Wounded Knee Begins.

The drum leads the people to the mass grave of those who were killed in the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee. By Owen Luck.

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