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Schomburg: The Man Who Built a Library

Picture book. By Carole Boston Weatherford and Eric Velasquez. 2017. 48 pages.
This picture book is a tribute to Arturo Schomburg, the Afro Puerto Rican historian collector and activist who chronicled the Black history of the Diaspora.
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Mississippi Morning

Picture book. By Ruth Vander Zee. Illustrated by Floyd Cooper. 2004. 32 pages.
A thought-provoking story of one boy's loss of naivete in the face of racism and harsh historical realities.
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Child of the Civil Rights Movement

Picture book. By Paula Young Shelton and illustrated by Raul Colon. 2009. 48 pages.
A child’s unique perspective on the Civil Rights Movement by the daughter of Civil Rights activist Andrew Young.
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Milo's Museum (Book) | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's History

Milo’s Museum

Picture book. By Zetta Elliott. Illustrated by Purple Wong. 2016. 36 pages.
A story that introduces young readers to the historic mis-representation (and absence) of people of color in museums and how to take action.
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Ellen's Broom (Book) | Zinn Education Project

Ellen’s Broom

Picture book. By Kelly Starling Lyons. 2012. 32 pages.
Story about a young girl during Reconstruction whose parents are finally able to have a legal marriage while honoring a family wedding tradition.
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Sing a Song How Lift Every Voice and Sing Inspired Generations (book cover) | The Zinn Education Project

Sing a Song: How Lift Every Voice and Sing Inspired Generations

Picture book. By Kelly Starling Lyons. Illustrated by Keith Mallett. 2019. 32 pages.
The 120-year history of the song through generations of her family who have passed it on — starting with a young girl who learned it in 1900 in Jacksonville, Florida, from her principal (James Weldon Johnson) and his brother.
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