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She Came to Slay: The Life and Times of Harriet Tubman

Book — Non-fiction. By Erica Armstrong Dunbar. 2019. 176 pages.
This book blends traditional biography with illustrations, photos, and engaging sidebars that illuminate the life of Harriet Tubman.

Time Periods: 1850, 1865
Themes: African American, Reconstruction, Slavery and Resistance, Women's History

Harriet Tubman is best known as one of the most famous conductors on the Underground Railroad. As a leading abolitionist, her bravery and selflessness has inspired generations in the continuing struggle for civil rights.

National Book Award nominee Erica Armstrong Dunbar’s book about Tubman is a reader-friendly biography with illustrations, photos, and engaging sidebars.

Not only did Tubman help liberate hundreds of people from bondage, she was the first woman to lead an armed expedition during the Civil War, worked as a spy for the Union Army, was a fierce suffragist, and was an advocate for the aged.

Filled with rare outtakes of commentary, an expansive timeline of Tubman’s life, photos (both new and those in public domain), commissioned illustrations, and sections including “Harriet By the Numbers” (number of times she went back down south, approximately how many people she rescued, the bounty on her head) and “Harriet’s Homies” (those who supported her over the years), She Came to Slay offers a mix of pop culture and scholarship. [Publisher’s description.]

ISBN: 9781982139599 | 37 Ink

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