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Sept. 4, 1875: Clinton, Mississippi Massacre

Nearly 50 African-Americans were killed by white mobs during the Clinton Riot.
Time Periods: Reconstruction Period: 1865 - 1876
Themes: African American, Reconstruction, Democracy & Citizenship, Racism & Racial Identity
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Mine workers in Gary, West Virginia, 1908

Sept. 4, 1921: Battle of Blair Mountain Ends

Sept. 4 marks the end of fighting at the Battle of Blair Mountain, which was the largest example of class war in U.S. history.
Time Periods: Prosperity, Depression, & World War II: 1920 - 1944
Themes: Economics, Labor
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Sept. 5, 1917: Federal Raids on IWW

Federal agents seized records, destroyed equipment and books, and arrested hundreds of activists involved with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).
Time Periods: World War I: 1910 - 1919
Themes: Labor
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Panama Canal | Zinn Education Project

Sept. 7, 1977: Panama Canal

Treaties were signed to turn over control of the Panama Canal from the U.S. to Panama.
Time Periods: People’s Movement: 1961 - 1974
Themes: Labor, World History/Global Studies
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Attica Prison Uprising | Zinn Education Project

Sept. 9, 1971: Attica Prison Uprising

The Attica Prison Uprising began.
Time Periods: People’s Movement: 1961 - 1974
Themes: African American, Criminal Justice & Incarceration, Democracy & Citizenship, Racism & Racial Identity
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A Beautiful Ghetto

Book - Non-fiction. By Devin Allen. 2017. A Beautiful Ghetto documents Black life in Baltimore before and after the police murder of Freddie Gray and the uprising it produced through short essays, poetry, and stunning photographs.
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Biddy Mason Speaks Up

Book — Non-fiction. By Arisa White and Laura Atkins. 2019. 112 pages. An illustrated children's book tells the story of real-life champion for civil rights Bridget "Biddy" Mason.
Time Periods: Civil War Era: 1850 - 1864, Reconstruction Period: 1865 - 1876
Themes: African American, Slavery and Resistance, Women's History
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Can we teach our way out of political polarization?

“You’re the people that built this nation. You’re not the people that tore down our nation,” former President Donald Trump told the collection of white supremacists, conspiracy theorists and would-be instigators of a second civil war who rallied with him in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6. The crowd cheered at the idea that people like... Read more »
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Carter Reads the Newspaper book cover | The Zinn Education Project

Carter Reads the Newspaper

Picture book – Non-fiction. By Deborah Hopkinson. Illustrated by Don Tate. 2019. 36 pages. This picture book chronicles the young life of Dr. Carter G. Woodson, an Appalachian-born Harvard scholar and advocate for African American history. He founded Negro History Week in 1926 (which grew into Black History Month), the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), and the Journal of Negro History.
Time Periods: 19th Century, Reconstruction Period: 1865 - 1876, Industrial Revolution: 1877 - 1899, Turn of the Century: 1900 - 1909
Themes: African American, Education, Racism & Racial Identity
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Critical Media Literacy in the 2.0

By Jesse Gainer This column is dedicated to the memory of Howard Zinn, who passed away this year at the age of 87. Zinn’s life and work — an unwavering pursuit of justice through focused attention on the marginalized and the oppressed — inspired countless people across the world. Zinn’s work highlighted what traditionally is... Read more »
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Films with a Conscience

Article. The films listed below are ones that can help students gain insights into how the world works. Many of these also alert students to how individuals and social movements have tried to make life better.
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