Meet the Teaching People’s History Team at NCSS 2019

Join the Zinn Education Project staff and volunteers at the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) conference in Austin, Texas from November 22-24. We will have a booth (#333) and offer people’s history workshops.

At the booth, conference attendees can check out the lessons offered by the Zinn Education Project, register for the website, enter a raffle for people’s history books, check out Rethinking Schools books and subscribe to Rethinking Schools magazine.

Zinn Education Project Workshops

Who Freed the Slaves?

Meet the extraordinary, though not always well-known, abolitionists who worked to end slavery, challenging the dangerous myth that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. Presenter: Adam Sanchez

The Birth of the Mexican Border

After the U.S.-Mexico war, the United States took almost half of Mexico. Experience a classroom-tested mixer that explores the origins and effects of that war. Presenter: Bill Bigelow

Deportations on Trial: Mexican Americans During the Great Depression

Who is to blame for the illegal, mass deportations of Mexican Americans and immigrants during the Great Depression? That is the question students confront in this trial role play. Presenter: Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

Pipelines and People: Investigating the Dakota Access Pipeline

Explore the diverse perspectives of Indigenous People, the fossil fuel industry, organized labor, climate justice activists, and small farmers on the contentious Dakota Access Pipeline. Presenter: Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

Poetry of Defiance: How the Enslaved Resisted

Explore the myriad ways enslaved people resisted their enslavement in an activity designed to understand and celebrate enslaved people’s resourceful and heroic defiance of the system of slavery. (Roundtable format) Presenter: Adam Sanchez

Speaker Highlight

Erica Armstrong Dunbar, historian and author of Never Caught: The Story of Ona Judgeis one of the keynote speakers.


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