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Nov. 14, 1965: Battle of Ia Drang

The Battle of Ia Drang began between regulars of the United States Army and regulars of the People's Army of Vietnam.
Themes: US Foreign Policy, Wars & Related Anti-War Movements, World History/Global Studies
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The Ogoni Nine Memorial

Nov. 10, 1995: Murdered by Shell

The Ogoni Nine were executed by the Nigerian military government for campaigning against the devastation of their homeland by oil companies.
Themes: Climate Justice, Environment, World History/Global Studies
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Nov. 10, 1898: Wilmington Massacre

The interracial, elected Reconstruction era local government was deposed in a coup d’etat in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Themes: African American, Reconstruction, Democracy & Citizenship, Laws & Citizen Rights
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Jewish prisoners in Baden-Baden | Zinn Education Project

Nov. 9, 1938: Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)

Violent anti-Jewish demonstrations in Europe in which hundreds of synagogues were destroyed, 7,500 Jewish-owned businesses, homes, and schools were plundered; 91 Jews were murdered; and 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps.
Themes: Democracy & Citizenship, World History/Global Studies
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Protesters at Ginwan rally | Zinn Education Project

Nov. 8, 2009: Okinawa Protest

Thousands of Japanese protesters on the island of Okinawa demanded the removal of the U.S. base there.
Themes: Democracy & Citizenship, US Foreign Policy, World History/Global Studies
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