New Teaching Activities on the Environment

zep_new_lessons_environment_600pxwWe’re delighted to announce the posting of four new articles and activities on environmental justice issues. All of these are featured in the new book by Zinn Education Project co-director Bill Bigelow and Portland, Oregon teacher Tim Swinehart, A People’s Curriculum for the Earth: Teaching Climate Change and the Environmental Crisis.

At a moment when the dimensions of the climate crisis are becoming more apparent, the Zinn Education Project is committed to providing teachers more resources to help students confront the causes and consequences of climate change and the broader environmental crisis. Our collective house is burning down. The least we can do is help our students understand why and consider ways to respond.

Please download these, use them, and share with colleagues.

By Bill Bigelow
Through encountering “clues,” students probe the dangerous link between fossil fuels, carbon, and climate change.
By Brady Bennon
A high school humanities teacher introduces students to the human cost of climate change, building empathy for climate change refugees like those in the island nation of Kiribati.
By Bill Bigelow
A lesson examining the motives, goals,
and environmental consequences of the
coal mining industry.
By Abby Mac Phail
Role play on the Keystone XL Pipeline battle.

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