“We Should Be Honest with Young People” — Howard Zinn

In this three-minute clip, Howard Zinn counters Trump’s assertion that teaching people’s history tries “to make students ashamed of their own history.” To the contrary. Watch and share.

“I think we ought to examine that premise that our great heroes are military heroes in war. There are other heroes that young people can look up to.” — Howard Zinn 

The beautifully edited short clip by Brut is from Howard Zinn’s keynote speech at the National Council for the Social Studies conference in 2008.

More Howard Zinn

In response to the Sept. 17, 2020 White House attack on teaching people’s history and Howard Zinn, Democracy Now! aired the excerpt below from a 2009 interview.

“We should be honest with young people; we should not deceive them. We should be honest about the history of our country.” — Howard Zinn

Find more resources below, including the film documentary based on Howard Zinn’s autobiography, You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train.

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