New School Year, New ZEP Organizer!

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Thanks to the generous support of a longtime Zinn Education Project (ZEP) supporter and those of you who donated to our campaign, we have hired a new teacher organizer for the 2018-2019 school year! We are excited to announce that Ursula Wolfe-Rocca, a ZEP teacher leader, will take on this position. See below for how you can bring Ursula to your community.

Last year Adam Sanchez initiated the position and helped us bring people’s history workshops all over the country including Indiana, Virginia, Washington, D.C., California, Massachusetts, and New York. He also helped ZEP reach new audiences with his articles in The Nation and Teen Vogue. As part of our Teach Reconstruction campaign, Adam developed several new lessons on Reconstruction (forthcoming this school year) and is completing a teaching guide on a people’s history of abolition and the Civil War.

Charlottesville Workshop, April 2018 | Zinn Education Project

Adam Sanchez facilitated a full-day workshop with educators in Charlottesville at the University of Virginia on April 30, 2018.

Adam now heads back to the classroom at Harvest Collegiate High School in New York City and will continue to participate in the ZEP teacher leader group.

Ursula, based in Portland, Oregon, has taught high school since 2000 and is a frequent contributor to Rethinking Schools and the Zinn Education Project. She is also an editor of Rethinking Schools. Ursula’s most recent ZEP If We Knew Our History columns include “Standing with Standing Rock,” “Disguising Imperialism,” and “Why We Should Teach About the FBI’s War on the Civil Rights Movement.” She is currently at work writing curriculum on Reconstruction, Mexican Americans during the Great Depression, and the history of racist housing policy.

Host a Teacher Workshop

Are you interested in bringing Ursula to your city to lead a ZEP workshop? Please fill out this form.

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Support the Work

Our ability to send Ursula to teaching communities across the country and to continue this position beyond the 2018-19 school year depends on your support. Please donate to our People’s History Organizer campaign.