“Power of the People” Howard Zinn Centennial Ice Cream

In commemoration of Howard Zinn’s 100th birthday, the Baltimore-based Taharka Brothers released a “Power of the People” ice cream flavor.

The flavor is coffee with a glazed donut sweet cream swirl inspired by Howard Zinn’s love of meeting people at Dunkin’ Donuts for conversation and coffee. The name is inspired by:

Howard’s legacy, his very strong belief in the power of the people over the power of the establishment. The coffee could represent the stimulus to “awaken” the power of the people — to get them to understand the power they have if they unite and act.

Taharka Brothers is a worker-owned company. The label on the “Power of the People” ice cream has a QR code to introduce customers to people’s history resources from the Zinn Education Project and the lid includes a promotion for the #TeachTruth campaign.

The ice cream is available at retail locations in Baltimore and at Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop in Washington, D.C. Taharka Brothers also ships nationally for orders of six or more pints.

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