There is Power in Numbers

Protesters against book bans in Atlanta on 02/12/2022. Photo credit: John Ramspott / CC BY 2.0

Young people are taking on immense and interconnected challenges in the world — racism, war, gun violence, climate change, voter suppression, and more. In response, the Right is passing laws in almost every state to squash that activism by censoring lessons about oppression and resistance.

The goal of the “anti-CRT” project is to strip the classroom of its potential as a powerful democratic space, where students learn from history how to shape a more just future.

Meanwhile, the media has given the “anti-CRT” campaign oversized coverage.

What Can We Do?

We need to expose the right’s agenda and be visible in our defense of teaching people’s history.

Don’t let the right control the narrative.

We ask EVERYONE (including YOU) reading this news post take a public stand in defense of #TeachTruth.

How Do I Participate?

Print a sign or make your own and get a photo in front of a historic site. The site can be a historic marker, statue, archive, burial ground, or museum. Or perhaps you know of a site not identified at all. History is everywhere.

All You Need: Sign, Historic Site, and a Photo

History is being made every day. If you are going to an event this summer organized by the Poor People’s Campaign, the March for Our Lives, or other groups, bring a #TeachTruth sign with you and take a photo there. The ability to consider real solutions to gun violence and defend the rights of all oppressed groups is curtailed when those topics are silenced in the curriculum.

Go on your own or with friends or family. Brings signs or make a #TeachTruth photo booth frame like the one below!

It is as simple as:

  • Select a site.
  • Take a photo with a sign (use ours or make your own.)
  • Share on social media with #TeachTruth

Why a Historic Site?

Many of the laws single out “critical race theory” as the curricular bogeyman. Whatever the particular terminology used in each state, they are united in their larger political goal: to rob children of access to a usable past, an account of history that helps them fully see and understand their present.

By selecting a historic site, you make visible the history that teachers are required to lie about or omit where these bills become law. Expose the true impact of this legislation.

What If I Am Not a Teacher?

Students and others can pledge to defend the right to teach history. The anti-history laws are an attack on democracy, for everyone. Your voice will amplify the campaign and offer support to teachers when they need it most.

How Else Can I Make a Statement?

Change your profile picture to show up in solidarity!

Download the graphic and add your photo.

Here are more ways to participate.

What is #TeachTruth?

The term #TeachTruth defies the Right’s laws dictating a white supremacist narrative about the history of the United States. Our goal is instead to invite students’ whole selves into our classrooms, to celebrate our varied humanity, to understand the meaning of our differences, and to imagine together how we might change the world.

See some examples of those lessons in our Teach Truth Syllabus.

Share a story, question, or resource from your classroom.

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