Teach Truth Days of Action

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Day of Action 2024

Lawmakers in at least 44 states are attempting to pass legislation that would require teachers to lie to students about the role of racism, sexism, heterosexism, and oppression throughout U.S. history.

In response, educators across the United States are signing a pledge to teach the truth and making that pledge public.

To raise public awareness about the danger of these bills, we invite educators to make that pledge public at historic sites throughout the year. This is a national call. While bills and budget resolutions are being proposed (and in some cases passed) in specific states, the threat to teaching — and the need for solidarity — is everywhere. 

How to Participate

  • Select a site in your town or city that symbolizes or reflects history that teachers would be required to lie about or omit if these bills become law, which is already the case in some states. The site could be identified by a historic marker, statue, archive, burial ground, or museum.
  • Take a photo with one of our signs or make your own.
  • Share on social media with #TeachTruth. (And/or email your photo to zep@zinnedproject.org)

#TeachTruth Signs

We offer a folder of signs. Some you can use as is, others are designed for you to add your own pledge. Or make your own sign.

1 comments on “Teach Truth Days of Action

  1. Becky on

    Fearing backlash from my conservative and uninformed colleagues, administrators, and students’ families, I merely say that I teach history. If one teaches our nation’s history and our present conditions accurately, the truth is revealed. It is my job to then provide opportunities for my first graders to consider, evaluate, question, understand and apply what they learn. I wish I was more confident that our investigation of our shameful history of systemic racism and continued injustices will counter their lifetime of exposure to lies and denial of past and present conditions.

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