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I donate to the Zinn Education Project so that my daughter will not have to wait until she is an adult, as I did, to learn people’s history. —Katherine Gray

Katherine Gray is one of dozens of people who have donated to the Zinn Education Project during our year-end campaign so that we can provide free people’s history lessons to teachers across the country in 2016.

Here are more comments and a list of contributors from December 25 through today.

I am donating to honor my high school history teacher, Jean Curl, who was a WAVE during WWII and graduated from Pak University on the GI Bill. I have spent 45 years as a history specialist at the Library of Congress celebrating our true people’s history through articles, acquisitions, exhibitions and working with teachers and interns. —Rosemary Plakas

In memory of our daughter, Rachel Corrie, who was inspired by Howard Zinn. —Craig and Cindy Corrie

In memory of Dr. Cliff Kuhn who did so much to develop the field of oral history in order to bring ordinary people’s voices to the forefront of U.S. history. —Paul Ortiz

In honor of Jack and Tillie Olsen, my parents, who believed ordinary people could change the world—and used their lives to educate, write about, organize and inspire all those they touched. And for the amazing teachers who day after day show up, keep on keeping on—and are our best hope for a world of justice. —Julie Olsen Edwards

In memoriam to my parents, Seymour and Anna Leifer, who instilled in their children the humanizing influence and moral imperative of social justice. —Marvin Leifer

In honor of and in tribute to Jane Heather McKee, and all school library teachers everywhere, with gratitude for information that the Zinn Education Project preserves and shares, and the library teachers help our children to access and analyze. Here’s to the work that keeps people’s history going, and which empowers our children as they learn to see themselves as actors on the stage of history. Today, doing this work means fighting to restore school libraries, and staff them so that every child has a school library teacher, as part of the Schools Our Children Deserve. —Kipp Dawson

I’m donating because Howard Zinn changed the way I see the world. My history degree prepared me to be a physician of skill and conscience. —Elizabeth Spaar

Thank you for your commitment to the truth. —Michael Marcus

I value reading about events that are generally ignored in traditional “history” books. I appreciate the work you do. —Tony Oppegard

From another Veteran for Peace. We really appreciate your work. —Bart Bolger

All of us need to learn about real history, and this is what Zinn provides. —David Fletcher

In honor of my professor at Boston University, Howard Zinn. —Richard Lubin

Very informative. I draw on these for the courses that I teach! —George West

The presence of the Zinn Education Project on social media reminds me of the events we’d prefer not to remember, but are critical to acknowledge. Keep disseminating truth and justice! —Anonymous

Craig Gordon and Jeff Edmundson both noted that
their donations are for the People’s History Organizer campaign.

Donors from Dec. 25 – 31, 2015

Janice Alder
Genevieve Ameduri
Anonymous (4)
George Bishop
Bart Bolger
Harold Boydstun
Mark Brailsford
Alan Burnham
Cathaline G. Carter
Craig and Cindy Corrie
Kipp Dawson
Samuel Dudley
Jeff Edmundson
Judith Ehrlich
Jane Feigenbaum
Nancy Fleischer
David Fletcher
Judi Freeman
Phil Fussell
Craig Gordon
Katherine Gray
Joan Gussow
Suzanne Hoffer
Jefferson Holt
William Holtzman
Henry Itkin
Amy Johnson
Diana Joubert
Maria Lisa Lambert
Richard Lubin
Michael Marcus
Dallas Mathis
Jenna Morvay
Tony Oppegard
Paul Ortiz
Gray Pattillo
Rosemary Plakas
Gary Potter
Jannice Pulliam
Hal Rager
Regis Reynolds
Marcy Rosewall
Susan Rubin
Carol Rudisill
Antonia Ruiz
Heather Searles
Ira Shor
Elizabeth Spaar
Michael Tomlinson
John D. Tribuna
George West

We will update this list with online donors through the end of the year. Add your name. Make a donation today.

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