New SNCC Digital Movement History Platform Launches

The SNCC Legacy Project launched a new digital platform. It is an invaluable resource for teachers and features a number of lessons from the Zinn Education Project.

Here is its description from the SNCC Legacy Project:

This new and in many ways unprecedented resource connects modern-day users to the mid-20th century Southern Civil Rights Movement. It features videos, music, stories, reports, bios, photos, interviews, panels, and other materials of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the cutting-edge organization of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. It also contains the voices of today’s young activists. Nothing like it exists anywhere.

SNCC grew out of the sit-in movement that erupted in 1960 and became well known for its courageous work demanding voting rights throughout the Black Belt South, especially in Mississippi with the Freedom Summer Project of 1964. SNCC was the only national, Southern-based civil rights organization begun and led primarily by young people, most between 17–21 years of age.

The site offers an enormous range of Movement sources, most notably images, primary-source, and personal-narrative material from the Civil Rights Movement Archive, Black Power Chronicles, and the SNCC Digital Gateway. Courtland Cox, the chair of the SNCC Legacy Project, commented,

These linked sites are the first to document the Civil Rights Movement in such rich detail and are useful not only for the history found on them, but also as a valuable tool for today’s struggle.

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Freedom Schools

One of the topics covered in depth on the new SNCC Legacy Project website is Freedom Schools, which offered education for liberation as SNCC veteran Charlie Cobb explains in the one-minute audiogram below. This clip is from Cobb’s talk with teachers in our Teaching for Black Lives study groups.

Freedom Schools Movement

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