Journal of the Civil War Era Offers Free Webinars and Articles on Racial Justice

The Journal of the Civil War Era is offering the public two free items this summer that may be of interest to U.S. history teachers: a series of four webinars and open access to a selection of articles that speak directly to issues of race, politics, and justice.

Three editors of the Journal of the Civil War Era are also advisors for the Zinn Education Project’s Teach Reconstruction campaign: Kate Masur (Northwestern University), Gregory Downs, (University of California), and Hilary N. Green (University of Alabama).

Summer Webinars

The Journal of the Civil War Era (JCWE) is sponsoring four webinars with historians in July and August 2020. For each event, Gregory Downs and Kate Masur will interview the featured historian. Recordings will be posted on the JCWE web page.

Thurs. July 23 @ 4 pm EDT

Dr. Nicole Myers Turner: Soul Liberty: The Evolution of Black Religious Politics in Postemancipation Virginia

How did African Americans develop religious institutions in the wake of slavery? How did Black churches connect with electoral politics? In this highly original study, Dr. Turner focuses on the Southside region of Virginia and uses digital humanities methods. A digital version of her book, with enhanced maps and charts, is available here.

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Thurs. Aug. 13 @ 4 pm EDT

Dr. Stephanie McCurry: The Confederate States of America 

What was the Confederacy and what did it stand for? These are important questions in both history classrooms and public debate. Dr. McCurry will discuss what Confederate leaders believed they were doing; the challenges they faced both from within the South and outside it; the experiences of Black and white women in the Confederacy; and the role of women in the history of war.

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Wed. Aug. 19 @ 4 pm EDT

Dr. Thomas J. Brown: Civil War Monuments and the Militarization of America 

The many Civil War monuments that dot the American landscape continue to incite controversy. Dr. Brown will explain who built these monuments and why; what Civil War monuments tell us about American culture; and how the monuments’ meanings have changed over time.

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Aug. 26 @ 4 pm EDT

Dr. Tera Hunter: Emancipation During the Civil War

This year, amid renewed discussion and celebration of Juneteenth, many people have questions about slavery’s destruction during the Civil War. Dr. Hunter will discuss how enslaved people fought for their own freedom and that of their families; the relationship of the Emancipation Proclamation to Juneteenth; why there were so many emancipations; and the importance of gender and the family in the experience of emancipation.

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Open Access

There is open access to the June 2020 Special Issue: Race, Politics, and Justice: Selected Articles from the Journal of the Civil War Era, a special collection from the past ten years of articles on the histories of African Americans, race, and white supremacy. The articles include:

Free access to this issue will run through the end of August, 2020.

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