What’s Up? South! World Map

Themes: World History/Global Studies

whatsupThis south-at-the-top map is a great educational tool. It challenges basic notions of ”up” and ”down.” True ”up” from our standpoint on the earth, is away from the center, and the earth in space has no inherent up or down. To emphasize this point, this map includes an inset, which shows global views from various angles. In addition, other inset maps show examples of a variety of projections with notes on their merits and limitations.

This map is no longer in print. Learn more here.

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  1. Chris Cain on

    I teach a graduate course and this topic is by far the best example of ethnocentric thinking. Many have never heard of this, but are very receptive to it. There is a segment from “West Wing” which explores it. It is always one of my favorite discussions.

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