From Amy Carter to Howard Zinn: Tom Lesser Supports People’s History

tomlesserTom Lesser responded to the call for donations to support the Zinn Education Project with a generous donation of stock. He is our first contributor of stocksuggesting an opportunity for others to contribute.

Lesser has a long history of supporting good causes, not only through donations, but also as a lawyer in both civil and criminal litigation.

One of his most famous cases was the successful defense in 1986 of Abbie Hoffman and 13 college students including Amy Carter (President Carter’s daughter) for protesting CIA recruitment at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Lesser is rated as a Massachusetts Super Lawyer and he is a Zinn Education Project “super supporter.” Lesser explains why:

The Zinn Education Project is a vital force in educating students about the history of the government and this country. The power of students knowing the truth cannot be underestimated as we move forward. I encourage everyone to support the Zinn Education Project and help shed a light on real history.

Please join Lesser by making a contribution. Mail a check, donate online, or donate stock. supportteachingph_banner