Series: Donation Stories

Howard Zinn, My Courageous Friend

William Holtzman, a former student of Howard Zinn's, decided 30 years later to help bring Zinn’s work to a new generation of students. He contacted Howard Zinn who put him in touch with Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change. Together they launched the Zinn Education Project. Ever since, Holtzman has played a key role in the project's funding and outreach. He and Zinn met up again for the first time in 34 years at the National Council for the Social Studies conference in Houston where Zinn gave the closing keynote speech.
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Daughter of Lincoln Brigader Donates to Support People’s History

"In honor of my father, who died in the Spanish Civil War. He served in the Lincoln Brigade." Rhoda Seidler's donation to the Zinn Education Project came with a connection to people's history. Her father volunteered for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, an international volunteer army that fought to save Spain’s Republican government from being overwhelmed by the fascist Francisco Franco, and his allies, Hitler and Mussolini.
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Donation in Honor of Ann Dawson, a Rosie the Riveter

Pittsburgh middle school teacher Kipp Dawson donated to our campaign to raise $1,000 to post a set of role plays from the book Power In Our Hands on the history of organized labor in the United States. Join her by donating to make sure teachers have the right to use people's history lessons! Kipp wrote: "I am contributing in memory of my mother, Ann Dawson, and her sisters among the Rosie the Riveters and Steel Workers Organizing Committee whose real history also could be lost were it not for Zinn Education Project and the teachers and students and historians it brings together and empowers."
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