Youth Rising Panel on May 18

Across the country high school students are rising up, using their schools as staging grounds to fight for a more just world. Young people are resisting the onslaught of racist and homophobic attempts to ban books and restrict what students can learn. They are fighting back against transphobia, sexual violence, and ableism, all surfacing within the walls of their schools.

High school students are demanding a say in how schools keep them safe and healthy during the pandemic and beyond. And in doing so, young people are leading the way forward for all of us.

This panel brings together high school student organizers from the Mid-Atlantic to the Midwest, from the Northeast to the Deep South to share their struggles and discuss strategies for resistance. The panel’s goal is to strengthen the connections within this national youth movement on the rise, and to make sure adults follow youth leadership and fight alongside them!

Featuring students from…

  • Georgia organizing in opposition to “divisive concepts” bills
  • Florida protesting “Don’t Say Gay” laws
  • Pennsylvania rising up against book bans
  • Michigan challenging unjust school uniform policies
  • Chicago fighting for safer schools during the pandemic & beyond
  • New Haven demanding survivor-focused responses to sexual violence

Wednesday, May 18 | 5:00pm – 6:30pm EST | Via Zoom


Anti-Racist Teaching & Learning Collective and the Zinn Education Project

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