Thank You for Signing the Pledge

Thank you for signing the pledge to teach the truth, regardless of the law. Note that your name, city, state, and pledge statement (if you added one) will appear on our website. (If you prefer not to have your name appear, email us so that we can remove it.)

Please share the pledge with your colleagues and encourage them to sign it as well.

We invite you to take a public stand on Saturday, June 12. Read how.

Learn more about the GOP bills to restrict teaching about U.S. history and current events in the CBS News segment below.

One comment on “Thank You for Signing the Pledge

  1. Jessica Sawyer on

    Teaching social justice and anti-racist curriculum is so impactful to my historically underserved students. If we want to change our white supremacist ways then we have to know our evil and ugly truths as a nation. Pairing the “Just Mercy” YA non-fiction piece with “Monster,” by Walter Dean Myers, and then reading the “Twelve Angry Men” play and “Dear Martin,” has had amazing buy-in with all students. They want to be civic-minded and involved in the judicial process. BIPOC literature and stories should replace “the cannon” of the dead white guy literature that has dominated public education for ages. (English Language Arts teacher)

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