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April 18, 1959: Students Petition and March for Integrated Schools

Themes: African American, Democracy & Citizenship, Education

Petition for Integrated Schools. Source: Photo from the George Meany Memorial Archives.

On April 18, 1959, 26,000 high school and college students came to Washington, D.C. to demand the implementation of the 1954 Brown v. Board Supreme Court decision.

Many civil rights leaders spoke, including Daisy Bates, Harry Belafonte, A. Philip Randolph, Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr., and Roy Wilkins.

This was the second consecutive year that such a march was held. The first march, with 10,000 students, was held on October 25, 1958.

Warriors Don’t Cry: Connecting History, Literature, and Our Lives is a lesson on school desegregation.

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