Pledge to Teach the Truth


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Carrie Preston | Boston, MA
The laws against Critical Race theory constitute illegal censorship and a dangerous misunderstanding of the study of race. Teachers must be enabled and supported to teach history accurately and to discuss race in their classrooms.
Carol Weatherby | Syracuse, NY
We can--no, we MUST-- do better!
Brianne Pitts | Kalamazoo, MI
I believe in sharing the full story of our nation's heritage. As a motherscholar, teacher, and pre-service educator, I pledge that I will not hide the truth in my home or classroom.
Danielle Vermaak | Seattle, WA
As a science teacher, and especially as a biology teacher, it is my moral duty to teach about social justice, and the history of race as a social construct in service of white power and black oppression. To explain that the concept of race continues to be used as a false proxy for ancestry, to justify racism in all its forms. To explain environmental racism. And much more.
Denise Kruizenga-Muro | Riverside, CA
I want to stand up for students of color and I believe in the importance to our Democracy of learning the truth of American history.
Wade Clark | Eugene, OR
I will not contribute to the decay of integrity with the United States of America's education system. I will not omit facts because of any political party's agenda. I will strive to give my students an honest and equitable education. This is because I love our country, and I value my students' future.
kimberly isbell | Vinton, IA
The truth is the only thing that needs to be taught. Or history will repeat itself.
Bridgett O'Shea | Felton, CA
Clare Wildhack-Nolan | Indianapolis, IN
Cedar Riener | Ashland, VA
Amina Ishaq | Milwaukee, WI
Young people deserve to understand the context of their lives in a full and accurate way, rather than being subjected to empty propaganda. Teachers should not be muzzled and prevented from supporting our students' need for context and criticality.
Christopher Oliver | New Orleans, LA
Keeping educators from teaching about the actual lived experiences of all peoples, including those who have experienced inequities, oppression, and outright violence due to their race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc. is not only wrong it is fundamentally an effort to suppress the truth to protect those in / with power and reinforce an ideology of inequality, patriarchy, and white supremacy inherent to US society.
Heather Ouellette-Cygan | Concord, NH
This is an unjust law. Unjust laws must be broken. Also, it is immoral and irresponsible not to teach the truth. It is the only way to enact change for a better world for all.
Susan Andersen | Great Lakes, IL
"If black children are old enough to experience racism, then white children are old enough to learn about it." - Blair ImaniWe need to learn the lessons of history not to feel guilt and shame, that is a dead end, but to feel empowered to do better.
Lisa Brooten
I am committed to teaching about historical events and unpopular perspectives, regardless of how uncomfortable this can be. It is the only way to promote and maintain a just and democratic society. The proposed laws we protest here are dangerous moves towards totalitarianism.
Julie Schaeffer | Grasonville, MD
Teach truth about racism
Ben Boyington
The language of these bills is absurdly vague and often inaccurate, and their intention violates every tenet of academic freedom that we should hold sacred. Teachers and those interested in education should stand tall and aver that we shall explore all aspects of the history of our country, not just those that serve an unquestioningly "patriotic" narrative. To do less does a disservice to our nation and to the ideals that we purportedly hold, and to the children whom we supposedly serve. Criticality does not equal hatred, but instead can lead us to understand ourselves and our history more deeply and thus to better serve and practice those aforementioned ideals.
Jennifer Jackson | Naperville, IL
Tory Brown | Grasonville, MD
Bruce Campbell | Minneapolis, MN
Erasure of U.S. history is unconscionable.
Jennifer Thompson
Edith Ambrose | New Orleans, LA
We need to teach the facts, nothing but the facts, and ALL of them--with their implications.
Jay Thompson | Edgar Springs, MO
Truth must not be muzzled, including the uncomfortable truths of our history.
Michelle Gross | Minneapolis, MN
Our students deserve to learn the truth about our history and how it has contributed to our current condition. Our history is our context.
Jillian Lesko | Naperville, IL
I pledge to teach my students the truth—the historical and current day truths.

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6 comments on “Pledge to Teach the Truth

  1. Maribeth Jaeske on

    As an educator who is serious about teaching the truth I will not be bullied into silence. I will do my part in the fight for equity and equality by making sure my students are most equipped to fight this ugliness in the real world.

  2. Marianne Golding on

    Yes, the truth of American history needs to be taught, but also its impact on the rest of the world, such as its role in WWII. I just finished teaching a college-level course on the Holocaust, and could not believe how little the students knew about the rest of the world’s participation in the war! They seemed to believe that WWII was ended by the US alone!

  3. Alexander Hines on

    “When you begin to do things that raise the achievement of the poorest and disenfranchised students, you may not always get applause. You need to be ready for that.” Dr. Asa Hilliard

    “Resistance is a powerful motivator precisely because it enables us to fulfill our longing to achieve our goals while letting us boldly recognize and name the obstacles to those achievements.”
    Dr. Derrick Bell

  4. Deborah Millikan on

    Our young people deserve the truth and it is our kuleana (responsibility) to give space and opportunity for the truth and the difficult conversations.

  5. Bill Ivey on

    Social justice is a major theme of my Humanities 7 course, and my school uses Dr. Gholdy Muhammad’s HILL framework (development of identity, skills, knowledge, Criticality) to frame our entire curriculum. Student agency through research work and essay writing, and action-oriented civic engagement work, define what we “cover” in my course.

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