Pledge to Teach the Truth


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Jessica Claudio | Young America, MN
Shannon Terry | Tulsa, OK
Tanishia Williams | Brooklyn, NY
I believe in equity and inclusive instruction.
Greg Tichenor | Louisville, KY
we must move beyond the oppressive systems that prevent us from recognizing the humanity of everyone.
Hillary Moldovan | Beaverton, OR
I went into Education because of the voices that were lost and the ones not being heard. Now I and my fellow white teachers have to take the responsibility that all voices will be heard and listened to.
Rev. James Swarts | Rochester, NY
I believe it is the responsibility of every educator to help students develop critical thinking and learn how to evaluate historical fact from propaganda.
Leticia Alvarez | Indianapolis, IN
I believe that the truth needs to be taught in public schools. It saddens me to see so many children in my classroom with very low self esteem. If we could only teach them how much people of color have contributed to this nation, maybe they would be encouraged to strive for good grades, to participate in their education.
Kevin Young | Amherst, MA
We need to fight the New McCarthyism. "Conservative" is a euphemism for those who are trying to whitewash US history. They are not just conservatives, they are Orwellian propaganda agents dedicated to silencing the past in order to enable racist violence, class domination, and empire, and to preventing responsible responses to the climate and Covid emergencies. Their agenda targets the most vulnerable and marginalized populations but it also harms the entire 99%, including the white working and professional classes and most of the people who self-identify as "conservative."
Oscar Segovia | Ontario, CA
I am committed to teaching the young people of America the truth, the good the bad and the ugly, about how this wonderful Nation was founded and continues to blossom via truth and understanding of our past.
Mondo Vaden | Sacramento, CA
The honesty about what has happened in our history is not wrong. It is something that must be addressed truthfully in order to end the inequity that results when the full story and perspectives are not known. Students deserve unbiased history. The fact that it challenges norms does not negate its necessary value.
Shaun Stephens | Montpelier, VT
History matters.
Colleen Rost-Banik | Pearl City, HI
students in Hawaii need more nuanced versions of history, especially of African American history.
Megan Engelmann | Avon, OH
I believe in teaching my kids the truth so they can make our society better.
Barbara Randolph | Chicago, IL
I entered the field of education to open the world to the ever expanding minds of children. Teachers have the right and the responsibility to be honest with their students of all ages. Living with an open mind is the goal.
Matt Dunkel | Cambridge, MA
These laws are an unethical violation of the human rights of young people and educators to speak, teach, and learn truth. Our nation's healing, well-being, and future depend on our ability to understand and process our full history, so that we can co-create a better future. I will continue doing my best to live up to my calling as an educator. And I stand in solidarity with the many colleagues, young people, caregivers, and community members who are doing the same and opposing these unjust, unethical, and racist laws.
Jeanne Goka | Austin, TX
Education means Teaching the Truth. Truth matters.
Joanne Johnston | Rio Rancho, NM
Truth always matters in all learning. Institutional racism perpetuates poor health practices.
Janet Cordova | Houston, TX
Janet Cordova
Emi Morton | Bellevue, WA
our children are going to create the future.
Luis Kong | Santa Rosa, CA
Teachers of color must be free to engaged with students in a frank conversation about historical truths and myths, about their and their student's lived experiences, about racist laws that have marginalized and exterminated communities of color, about asking critical questions about race, tyranny, slavery, privilege and the human cost of such cruelty while exploring ways to become active engaged citizens in a culturally rich society.
Moe Miller | Fullerton, CA
I refuse to allow BIPOC children to believe that learning about their history is divisive, racist, unnecessary, and unimportant.
Allison O'Leary | Brevard, NC
Duncan Moran | Traverse City, MI
It is more imperative than ever to teach facts as well as to teach children how to interpret text. The history of academia has always been about academic freedom as well as ethical participation in arguement.
ama biney | London, GB
This bill undermines freedom of speech, freedom of thinking, teaching and learning.
Jessica Hernandez-Speer | Bronx, NY
I live in a state that still allows me to to teach mostly the way I choose, but I cannot take that for granted.

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6 comments on “Pledge to Teach the Truth

  1. Maribeth Jaeske on

    As an educator who is serious about teaching the truth I will not be bullied into silence. I will do my part in the fight for equity and equality by making sure my students are most equipped to fight this ugliness in the real world.

  2. Marianne Golding on

    Yes, the truth of American history needs to be taught, but also its impact on the rest of the world, such as its role in WWII. I just finished teaching a college-level course on the Holocaust, and could not believe how little the students knew about the rest of the world’s participation in the war! They seemed to believe that WWII was ended by the US alone!

  3. Alexander Hines on

    “When you begin to do things that raise the achievement of the poorest and disenfranchised students, you may not always get applause. You need to be ready for that.” Dr. Asa Hilliard

    “Resistance is a powerful motivator precisely because it enables us to fulfill our longing to achieve our goals while letting us boldly recognize and name the obstacles to those achievements.”
    Dr. Derrick Bell

  4. Deborah Millikan on

    Our young people deserve the truth and it is our kuleana (responsibility) to give space and opportunity for the truth and the difficult conversations.

  5. Bill Ivey on

    Social justice is a major theme of my Humanities 7 course, and my school uses Dr. Gholdy Muhammad’s HILL framework (development of identity, skills, knowledge, Criticality) to frame our entire curriculum. Student agency through research work and essay writing, and action-oriented civic engagement work, define what we “cover” in my course.

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