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Jamie Logan | Aurora, CO
I refuse to lie to my students. I didn’t learn the truth about US Historybwhen I was growing up. However, I know better and now I will do better.
Lindsay Eldredge Aviles | Dorchester, MA
zero carey | Rohnert Park, CA
We can’t perpetuate white supremacy and anti blackness in the classroom any longer
Kimberly Ausman | Aurora, CO
I believe that all people need to be informed of the truth in order for society not to repeat it’s past.
Gabrielle Jean-Jacques | Hyde Park, MA
I will tell my students the truth, and the truth shall set them free!
Stevie Evans | Santa Monica, CA
Allison Ellena | Lombard, IL
We learn from the mistakes of our ancestors. The truth of our dark history can't be erased.
Katie Wyndorf | Burlington, VT
Heidi Gott | Pasadena, CA
It is time to break the cycle of generations of sugar coating the truth of our history.
Alejandra Novo | Miami, FL
Lawmakers in Florida are attempting to pass legislation that would require teachers to lie to students about the role of racism, sexism, heterosexism, and oppression throughout U.S. history. I refuse for this to be acceptable or the norm. It is anything but normal.
Tamara Dillard | Chicago Heights, IL
I don't want to teach my students a lie, they need to learn the truth about History.
Torry Mercer | Houston, TX
1863: Illegal to teach Black people to read.2022: Illegal to teach Black people History...or anyone else.
Sadie Bauer | Carrboro, NC
Claire Watne | Minneapolis, MN
Andrew Porta | Portland, ME
"The condition of truth is to allow suffering to speak" - Cornel West
Ameri Najarro | Riverside, CA
I believe in honesty in education and teaching truth in our classrooms and schools. I support our the right to teach the state-adopted curriculum, a curriculum which includes fairness, multiple perspectives in history, equity, empathy and inclusivity. I oppose bullying and harassment in the efforts to teach the truth and an accurate portrayal of history.
Alexa Henderson | San Diego, CA
My truth matters. My students’ truth matters.
Heather Tillman | Penn Yan, NY
Current students and future generations must learn the truth to move America forward and help create a nation truly for all.
Jen Alton | Minneapolis, MN
Lindsay Reed | Moreno Valley, CA
Teaching what actually happened is the right thing to do.
Alan Wallach | Washington, DC
The freedom to teach the truth is now under grave threat from right wing politicians who insist that teachers teach a "patriotic" history that omits much of what we know about American history and society. In the 16th century, the theologian Sebastian Castellio wrote: "To force conscience is worse than cruelly to kill a man for to deny one's convictions destroys the soul" (quoted in 1954 by the great Erwin Panofsky in an essay titled "Three Decades of Art History in the United States: Impressions of a Transplanted European).
Jill Dalander Johnson | Oakley, CA
My students deserve the truth. My students can handle the truth.
Princess Gordon-Aziz | Nashville, TN
I refuse to lie to my students or downplay the events of history in order to make any group feel better about its actions or beliefs. I believe today's youth are able to make their own decisions about history based on the facts, and I am committed to giving them the facts so they can make informed choices.
Monica Rice | Beaumont, CA
We can not teach if we are not allowed to think critically.
Sarah Hinds | Oakland, CA
We are stronger when we confront the truth, heal, and grow, not when we plug our ears and lie to ourselves and our children. Children can handle the truth, and they deserve to learn it. Pretending will not make our history go away. We are strong enough to face the good and the bad.

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6 comments on “Pledge to Teach the Truth

  1. Maribeth Jaeske on

    As an educator who is serious about teaching the truth I will not be bullied into silence. I will do my part in the fight for equity and equality by making sure my students are most equipped to fight this ugliness in the real world.

  2. Marianne Golding on

    Yes, the truth of American history needs to be taught, but also its impact on the rest of the world, such as its role in WWII. I just finished teaching a college-level course on the Holocaust, and could not believe how little the students knew about the rest of the world’s participation in the war! They seemed to believe that WWII was ended by the US alone!

  3. Alexander Hines on

    “When you begin to do things that raise the achievement of the poorest and disenfranchised students, you may not always get applause. You need to be ready for that.” Dr. Asa Hilliard

    “Resistance is a powerful motivator precisely because it enables us to fulfill our longing to achieve our goals while letting us boldly recognize and name the obstacles to those achievements.”
    Dr. Derrick Bell

  4. Deborah Millikan on

    Our young people deserve the truth and it is our kuleana (responsibility) to give space and opportunity for the truth and the difficult conversations.

  5. Bill Ivey on

    Social justice is a major theme of my Humanities 7 course, and my school uses Dr. Gholdy Muhammad’s HILL framework (development of identity, skills, knowledge, Criticality) to frame our entire curriculum. Student agency through research work and essay writing, and action-oriented civic engagement work, define what we “cover” in my course.

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