Petition to School Boards to Teach Reconstruction


This is the list of people who have signed the pledge or petition to date.

Cheyne Rittenberry | Jonesboro, GA
I believe that the truth in history no matter how ugly and brutal liberates and protects our youth in the future as they become civic minded participants in their communities, state and nation. Understanding the past and how they are connected helps students to make informed decisions as it impacts their present
Ben Rall | Spokane, WA
Glenn Wilcha | Stroudsburg, PA
Ignorance of the past is unlikely to improve our future ! Let's try teaching the truth and see what happens!
Sonia Noemi Cross | Paradise, CA
I am a Taina from Puerto Rico. Spain were our first invaders.
Chelsea Murphy | Somerville, MA
Veronica McDonald | Tampa, FL
Meghan Haslam | Hudson, MA
stephen preskill | New York, NY
Marsha Lenox | Sherman Oaks, CA
If teaching the truth about American history is "un-American," then what does that say about the integrity of this country?
Valerie Street | Austin, TX
George Stevens | Loveland, CO
Reconstruction is an important part of this country's history and the closest we have come to full participation in the governance of our country. Progress next is rolled back: As has been the case through our country's history and racism of so many types, fear, anger, bitterness, and an assumption that life is a zero-sum game if whites and black share influence and power whites will lose what they have. We must stop the lies; instead engage in truth telling. Neither our country or its people are pure. The truth lies in honestly depicting our history to today's and tomorrow's learners!
Ellie Shrier | New York, NY
Grace Weston | Portland, OR
Decades of denial of our true history in our schools have led to the ignorance that are behind things like the Jan 6 insurrection. This denial, all to keep white guilt at bay, is harmful and stagnating to the society as a whole. We may not be responsible for the crimes of our white ancestors, but we are responsible to KNOW about it, so as not to keep denying the true history of much of our current population!
Ami Fox | Portland, OR
Lindsay Warren | Greenwich Twp, NJ
teaching Reconstruction should be foundational in American history, and the fact that it isn't in many schools is disheartening.
Coco Dupuy | New Orleans, LA
Chelsea Holabird | Amherst Town of, MA
This is OUR history. It's time to change the narrative of this essential piece of history and how it has shaped the structures of systemic racism in our country.
Maria Colvin | Boulder, CO
Maria Colvin | Boulder, CO
Kathy Wooten | Las Cruces, NM
Our country has suffered a prolonged period of not facing, and, certainly not teaching, the reality of the history of this subjugated land. We all need the Truth in order to even begin resolution for all of us - no matter the skin color or culture.
Aretha Brown | York, PA
All citizens need to be throughly informed about America’s construction and the Reconstruction needs to be told. As a history educator, who is of African descent, I am one of the two certified Social Studies in the district. There are none at our predominantly black and brown high school. That is why I add my name.
Marcia Messado | Washington, DC
A child devoid of his or her history; is a child devoid of his or her sense of self. Let’s close the gap in our nation’s timeline; and impart to our children; the true timelines and events, of our people’s history. It is the true American heritage lesson they deserve to know; so that all, will now be in full context; with a new comprehensive frame of reference; and, a new sense of self.
Don FEENEY | Louisville, KY
Keith Brooks | Brooklyn, NY
Charles Pinderhughes | Newark, NJ
I believe it is critically important to teach lessons of Reconstruction and its overthrow [as I do in my Sociology classes], to better inform our battle against white supremacy today.