Petition to School Boards to Teach Reconstruction


This is the list of people who have signed the pledge or petition to date.

Colette Tippy | New Orleans, LA
I did not learn about the history of reconstruction until I was an adult.
Amanda Kortokrax | Galloway, OH
Alan Singer | Hempstead, NY
It is long past time to teach the truth about United States history.
Kate Monkovic | New York, NY
To: School BoardsFrom: Kate MonkovicIn this pivotal moment for the United States, we the undersigned call on education leaders to ensure students have the knowledge to be active participants in a multiracial democracy. To honor our history and the urgency of the present moment, we urge you to adopt resolutions committing to teaching the grassroots history of Reconstruction.It has never been more important for adults and students alike to participate in learning the lessons of the Reconstruction era so that we can apply them to the challenges we face today.Accordingly, we urge you to examine how much time is currently dedicated to teaching the Reconstruction Era in kindergarten through 12th grade, make a plan to increase it, and ensure that teaching materials and curricula in schools reflect the everyday people who powered these movements.
Crystal Yakel-Kuntz | Kansas City, KS
the truth matters. Teaching the truth will allow us to move forward out right the wrongs that White Supremacy authored.
Anna Darby | New Mills, GB
Valerie Evans | New York, NY
Julia Harris | Chevy Chase, MD
Audrey Cook | San Diego, CA
Leora Fisher | Conway, MA
Colleen Mollicone | East Greenwich, RI
I feel strongly we should all be educated on the connections between race, history and law
Elizabeth Gullett | Arlington, VA
Lisa Geiszler | Lodi, CA
as a former high school history teacher I understand how important it is to learn from the past. Now more than ever we need to study the Reconstruction Period.
Michelle Sebald | Minneapolis, MN
Historical truth matters. We cannot change from what we do not know and we cannot grow from the ways we went wrong unless the whole story is told.
Nicole Breedlove | Silver Spring, MD
Angela Gladstone | Unadilla Twp, MI
Judy Walsh-Mellett | Mt Rainier, MD
Injustice will continue to cause harm until it is brought to the light. We do not have to be afraid of truth. Reconciliation is only possible when truth is told.
Heather Carver | Portland, OR
Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it.
Kirsten Ivey-Colson | Washington, DC
Anna Darby | New Mills, GB
Education is the foundation for change.
Katherine Ramos Gil | Laguna Niguel, CA
I believe that it is important to truly learn about all their history. I came to college to learn about things that I was not taught in Highschool. I felt disappointed that I got to learn about this only until I got to college.
Marcela Rojas | Pasadena, CA
I am a college professor and I want have the freedom to use Critical Race Truth in my classroom.
Zil Patel | Baltimore, MD
As a former student of public schools, I feel so many elements of US History were taught under false pretenses. This is not fair to American children. More honest and factual resources are needed if our kids are to fix the problems generations before them have created.
Beatriz Mitrzyk | Northville, MI
We need to teach our country's history so we understand our country's present.
Heather Rooney | Arvada, CO
The recent trend of book banning and curriculum bans in the United States frightens me. Citizens deserve for their children to be taught the truth, not a whitewashed version of it. We can never be a fully democratic society if certain truths are suppressed, and without reckoning the harm white people have caused over the centuries.