Petition to School Boards to Teach Reconstruction


This is the list of people who have signed the pledge or petition to date.

Devaki Douillard | Longmont, CO
Jackie Martin | Marietta, GA
I didn’t learn anything about my history as a white southerner whose family enslaved in Alabama. I’d like to know what they did (did they actually free the slaves as I was told?) and what happened until 1965.
Francisca Rios | San Francisco, CA
Amanda Moore | Edmond, OK
The negative events we see happening in this country are directly related to the lack of knowledge most have about their own country. This could easily be remedied if more school boards understood the importance of Social Studies classes, but specifically Reconstruction. No more brushing past the difficult topics!
James Gunner-Zoerman | Wyoming, MI
As a teacher in the US, it shames me that the Confederacy appears to be alive and well. It's up to us once again to oppose them.
Caitlin Freer | Cascade Twp, MI
If we fail to teach the truth, we are bound to continue repeating past mistakes. Our students deserve to hear the truth in history.
Debora McClellan | Holland Twp, MI
If we don’t, not only teach, but face the truth of our history, then it is doomed to repeat itself. America is a nation of immigrants and those force-ably “immigrated” by slave traders. Slavery is repugnant, those forced into it should be regarded as heroes not lesser beings. Their descendants should be celebrated, not denigrated. Teach the real history of this country. Without it, we are no better than any other third world nation; ignorant followers of dictatorial “leaders”.
Elizabeth Marsden | Grand Rapids, MI
In order for us to learn from our history, we need to teach what actually happened.
Holly Reil | Wyoming, MI
Ignorance is not bliss.
Rachel Cain | Hudsonville, MI
Our students need to be taught the factual history of the world around them, in a way that trusts they can critically grapple with hard truths. I refuse to sanitize our history for the comfort of those who prefer a “negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice.”
Dan Slagter | Wyoming, MI
It is essential that all people know that they are enough.
Meaghan Gunner-Zoerman | Wyoming, MI
Karyn Hollis | Wynnewood, PA
I believe in this cause!
Kathryn Chojnacki | Chubbuck, ID
I support teaching history as it is, no matter how difficult the topic. History is truth.
Eric Rude | Pocatello, ID
In order to make the United States great, our youth need to understand who we are--the good and the bad.
Judith Soriano | Fort Worth, TX
We are not Nazi Germany -- yet -- where education became a tool of propaganda and books were burned in the streets. So, yes, the truth of Reconstruction must be taught so that students can understand the transition from slavery to Jim Crow to the Civil Rights movement to the renewed attack on voting rights in this country. Kids should know that the struggle for equality is a real one.
Patty Krockel | Patchogue, NY
Cassandra Lyons | Lexington, KY
Jennifer Arndt | Belleville, NJ
This is our story and it should be told to all!
Brenna McLaughlin | Brooklyn, NY
Ann Snide | Pelham, NH
Charles Pinderhughes | Newark, NJ
Robert Cleveland | Philadelphia, PA
History must be told correctly
Heather Siegfried | Portland, OR
Scott Hurley | Decorah, IA