Job Announcement: Portland Public Schools Climate Justice Coordinator

Update: The opening for this job closed on July 12, 2019.

We don’t normally post job descriptions, but this is one of the most important new school district positions available. The Portland School District is hiring a full-time Climate Justice Coordinator for Portland Public Schools.

As far as we know, this is the only school district position like this in the country. There will be the opportunity to have a profound impact, since the Climate Justice Coordinator would work with the Portland Public Schools Climate Justice Committee, student activists, frontline communities, and classroom teachers.

As you may have read in the New York Times recently, the Portland Public Schools Climate Justice Committee, along with student and community allies, organized to get the Portland school board to increase its commitment to climate justice education. The new Climate Justice Coordinator is part of this increased commitment.

Members of the Climate Justice Committee, along with student activists, helped to shape the job description and some of them will also be on the hiring committee.

The ideal candidate has to understand the urgency of the climate crisis, to embrace Portland’s enabling resolution (#5272), to have knowledge of climate justice curriculum, to be able to work effectively with student and community activists, as well as with the PPS Climate Justice Committee.

This job is no longer open.

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