10,000 Teachers Teaching Outside the Textbook

Yes, 10,000. That’s the number of people who are teaching outside the textbook with curriculum resources from the Zinn Education Project.

In early April, Janet Ely, a social studies teacher from Richardson, Texas, became the 10,000th person to register at the Zinn Education Project website. In these times when many teachers are forced to abandon social studies in favor of test preparation, it is a profoundly hopeful sign that in just over one year, 10,000 educators have sought out alternative resources that emphasize the role of social movements in making this a better world, and that help teach a more honest, critical history.

We are now aiming for 20,000 registrants. Leading us off was number 10,001: Olga Del Mar Reyes Maldonado, a history student at the University of Puerto Rico. She is active with Radio Huelga, a station that grew out of last year’s student strike.

Help us reach our next milestone of 20,000 registrations. If you are not registered, now is a good time. If you are, encourage your colleagues to sign up.