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Something in the Rain

Song. By Tish Hinojosa. 1992.
A song about a boy's little sister who was poisoned by pesticides.
Themes: Environment, Labor

Cover of the album that features the song “Something in the Rain.”

This song can be used to teach about the dangerous working conditions of farmworkers.

Mom and dad have worked the fields, I don’t know how many years
I’m just a boy but I know how, and go to school when work is slow
We have seen our country’s road, Bakersfield from Illinois
And when troubles come our way, oh yeah, I’ve seen my daddy pray.
There’s something wrong with little sister, I hear her cryin’ by my side
Mama’s shaking as she holds her; we try to hold her through the night
And mom says close you eyes mijito, dream of someplace far from here
Like the pictures in your schoolbooks, someday you can take us there

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About the Musician

Leticia (“Tish”) Hinojosa was born December 6, 1955 in San Antonio, Texas, Hinojosa is a folksinger, recording in both Spanish and English. Hinojosa’s parents were Mexican immigrants. Hinojosa’s 1992 album Culture Swing won the NAIRD Indie Folk Album of the Year.