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May It Please the Court: Live Recordings and Transcripts of Landmark Oral Arguments Made Before the Supreme Court Since 1955

Book — Non-fiction and CD. Edited by Peter Irons and Stephanie Guitton. 2007. 400 pages.
Book and CD provide a candid view of Supreme Court deliberations; includes MP3 recordings.
Themes: Laws & Citizen Rights

Until The New Press first published May It Please the Court in 1993, few Americans knew that every case argued before the Supreme Court since 1955 had been recorded. The original book-and-tape set was a revelation to readers and reviewers, quickly becoming a bestseller and garnering praise across the nation. William Safire, writing in the New York Times, called it “a fascinating, you-are-there experience . . . an ear to history in the making,” and the Los Angeles Times Book Review dubbed it a “treasure trove.”

Including both transcripts of the most significant cases argued before the Supreme Court and recordings of the oral arguments, May It Please the Court offers “a front-row seat in America’s most powerful courtroom, where very, very few have had the opportunity to sit” (American Bar Association Journal ). This new edition of the original volume makes the recordings available for the first time in MP3 audio CDs. [Publisher’s description.]

“A strong and direct whiff of history.” —The New York Times Book Review

“One of the most effective teaching tools available.” —The Washington Post

ISBN: 9781595580900 | The New Press