La Guerra con Mexico

Teaching Activity. By Bill Bigelow. Translated by Floralba Vivas. Rethinking Schools.
Handout in Spanish for the U.S. Mexico War Tea Party.

Themes: Wars & Related Anti-War Movements

A People's History for the ClassroomA series of perspectives of the Mexican-American War, told in Spanish, to accompany the The U.S. Mexico War lesson.

This Spanish translation is by Floralba Vivas.

Lesson originally published by Rethinking Schools | Zinn Education ProjectThis lesson is based on the lesson published by Rethinking Schools in A People’s History for the Classroom. For more lessons like “La Guerra con Mexico,” order  A People’s History for the Classroom with teaching articles and lesson plans drawn from an assortment of Rethinking Schools publications, by Bill Bigelow.

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