Books: Non-Fiction

Colonialism in the Americas: A Critical Look

Book — Non-fiction. By Susan Gage. 1991. 51 pages.
Graphic/comic book tackles history of colonialism in the Americas.
Time Periods: Colonization: 1492 - 1764
Themes: Imperialism


Through lively dialogue and illustration, Colonialism in the Americas traces the history of the first peoples of South, Central, and North America. How did these people live before the Europeans arrived? What was the impact of Columbus and his successors on their lives and cultures? What are the continuing effects of colonialism in today’s world?

Exercises related to each chapter are contained in a “hands-on” activity section, including a fully detailed simulation game, TIFF.

“I have Colonialism in the Americas and have used it for the Global Geography, grade 12 course. The Colonialism series is extremely well written and appealing to high school students. We played the TIFF simulation game and the students talked about the issues for days after.” —Teacher, Hants East High School, Nova Scotia

ISBN: 0921783132 | Victoria International Development Education Association (VIDEA)

Out of print. Available as a PDF download from VIDEA.