Here are resources for teaching about McCarthyism, including a historical fiction chapter book for middle school. The focus of these resources is the impact of McCarthyism on the labor movement and the Civil Rights Movement.

World War II and McCarthyism

Teaching Activity. By Gayle Olson-Raymer.
Questions and teaching ideas for Chapter 16 of Voices of a People's History of the United States on domestic opposition to the "good war" and the impact of McCarthyism.
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Tracked in America (photos) | Zinn Education Project

Tracked in America

Digital collection. Explores the historical context and stories of individuals who have been targets of U.S. government surveillance during the 20th century.
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pictured: Newspaper clipping of the Wayland Town Crier for June 1954. Headline reads: “Public Hearing on Hale is Scheduled for June 8; School Committee Makes Charges.” Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe

June 25, 1954: Elementary School Teacher Fired in Red Scare

At the height of the anti-Communist Red Scare, Massachusetts second-grade teacher Anne P. Hale Jr. was removed from her position because of her prior membership in the Communist Party and her lack of “perception, understanding, and judgment necessary in one who is to be entrusted with the responsibility for teaching the children of the Town.”
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June 15, 1955: Protest of Nuclear Attack Drills

When the Civil Defense Administration attempted to hold a drill simulating a nuclear attack, 27 activists in New York refused to take cover. They handed out pamphlets reading: "We will not obey this order to pretend, to evacuate, to hide... We refuse to cooperate."
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Salt of the Earth

Film. By Herbert Biberman. 1954. 94 minutes.
This classic, powerful film about a miners strike in New Mexico can be used to teach about the intersection of class, race, national origin, and gender.
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